Uttarakhand Villages
13 Districts
110 Tehsils
16,793 Villages
78.8% literacy
76.31% rural literacy
84.45% urban literacy
1,00,86,292 population
70,36,954 rural
30,49,338 urban

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Browse demographic data of 16793 villages of Uttarakhand. The demographic data used on this website is being used from the 2011 Census. We encourage our website users to join us and help us update the demographic data of their local places, add additional information and add photographs to make this data more meaningful. You can also connect with local people from your local area here.

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Uttarakhand Villages Project

Majority of Uttarakhand population lives in villages. Villages of rural Uttarakhand have always been put in a backseat by the successive state government hence depriving our village of basic necessities like healthcare and quality education. The development in rural areas is very limited. With this project we aim to create a trustful database of our villages and the facilities we have around them. If evaluated correctly, this data may help build a policy for rural centric development of the state.

The project is being developed by eUttaranchal.