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Bhaisiya Chhana Block, Almora District

Bhaisiya Chhana block is located in Almora district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of98 villages in Bhaisiya Chhana community development block of Almora. The total population of Bhaisiya Chhana block is 26,634 with male population of 12,784 and female population of 13,850. There are 5,741 households in Bhaisiya Chhana block, Almora district.

A summary of each of the villages in Bhaisiya Chhana block Almora district is provided below. Click on the village name to view the detailed demographic data of each village. Scroll down to see the list of villages in Bhaisiya Chhana block.

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Population Stats - Bhaisiya Chhana Block, Almora

ST Population7
SC Population8,160
Child (0-6 yrs)3,546

Work & Employment Data of Bhaisiya Chhana block, Almora District

Bhaisiya Chhana Block has a total working population of 11,850 of which 6,857 are main workers and 4,993 are marginal workers. 4,783 people are engaged fulltime in farming or cultivation while 4,783 persons pursue farming for less than 6 months in a year.

Working Population11,850
Main Workers6,857
Main Cultivator4,783
Agri Labourers111
Marginal Workers4,993
Marginal Cultivators3,610
Non Working14,784
Non Working Males6,795
Non Working Females7,989

Terms Used
Main Workers: People who have worked for MORE than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Marginal Workers: People who have worked for LESS than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Main Cultivators: People who are the owner/co-owner of the land and engaged in cultivation.
Agri Labourers: Those who worked on other's land for wages.

List of Villages in Bhaisiya Chhana Block, Almora

Below is the list of all villages in Bhaisiya Chhana Block of Almora, Uttarakhand. Click on the name of any village below to see the detailed information about that village in Bhaisiya Chhana Block.

Village Block Population Households
Airi KhanBhaisiya Chhana17839
Alai SupyalBhaisiya Chhana657125
AnarsaBhaisiya Chhana00
Baburiya NayalBhaisiya Chhana13029
Baisiya ChhanaBhaisiya Chhana1,004230
BajyoliBhaisiya Chhana20543
Bakhariya TanaBhaisiya Chhana16733
Baman TilariBhaisiya Chhana23655
Bamouri KhalsaBhaisiya Chhana10021
BarakoteBhaisiya Chhana19339
BargalBhaisiya Chhana6515
Baruwa TanaBhaisiya Chhana13227
BatuliyaBhaisiya Chhana10932
BauraBhaisiya Chhana14328
BelawalgaonBhaisiya Chhana23953
BhanjarBhaisiya Chhana255
Bheta BariyaBhaisiya Chhana24848
Bheta DangiBhaisiya Chhana25346
Brahma TanaBhaisiya Chhana9115
BungaBhaisiya Chhana22050
ChanoliBhaisiya Chhana28466
ChhaniBhaisiya Chhana413100
ChiralaBhaisiya Chhana13530
DalakoteBhaisiya Chhana29254
DashounBhaisiya Chhana45594
DaulaBhaisiya Chhana21638
DeoraBhaisiya Chhana535100
DhamoliBhaisiya Chhana203
DhaniyanBhaisiya Chhana13224
DhariBhaisiya Chhana9218
Dhaul NailiBhaisiya Chhana17038
DigoliBhaisiya Chhana35670
DivdiyaBhaisiya Chhana63
DiyariBhaisiya Chhana743142
Diyari KunaBhaisiya Chhana5514
DugariBhaisiya Chhana613118
Dungar LekhBhaisiya Chhana39393
GaunapBhaisiya Chhana5012
GhonyaliBhaisiya Chhana13223
HararaBhaisiya Chhana30876
HatolaBhaisiya Chhana26861
Jaduri GunthBhaisiya Chhana478
Jagyura DalakoteBhaisiya Chhana24952
Jagyura PathakBhaisiya Chhana276
JamrariBhaisiya Chhana19542
JingalBhaisiya Chhana23638
Kali KotuliBhaisiya Chhana6311
KalonBhaisiya Chhana416116
KanchulaBhaisiya Chhana716142
KasanBhaisiya Chhana25053
Katogiya Mai GunthBhaisiya Chhana9021
Khankari GunthBhaisiya Chhana457109
Khankari KhalsaBhaisiya Chhana5412
Khas TilariBhaisiya Chhana609103
KhudiyariBhaisiya Chhana11224
KotaBhaisiya Chhana20745
Kotyura KhalsaBhaisiya Chhana5515
Kumoli May GunthBhaisiya Chhana682143
Kunj BargalBhaisiya Chhana16339
Kunj RatauraBhaisiya Chhana11628
Kunja KimolaBhaisiya Chhana39167
LigurataBhaisiya Chhana1,042250
LwetaBhaisiya Chhana20451
MagrdubhanariBhaisiya Chhana8517
Malli Dhauni GunthBhaisiya Chhana17536
NainiBhaisiya Chhana24261
Naini GunthBhaisiya Chhana15836
Nali MalliBhaisiya Chhana554125
Nali TalliBhaisiya Chhana41595
Narain DevalBhaisiya Chhana227
NaugaonBhaisiya Chhana1,252265
NauliBhaisiya Chhana00
NayalBhaisiya Chhana358
Nayal GunthBhaisiya Chhana6015
NisnailiBhaisiya Chhana13528
NyoliBhaisiya Chhana19944
PabhyaBhaisiya Chhana17937
PadoliBhaisiya Chhana7419
Palyun May ChakBhaisiya Chhana581111
PandetoliBhaisiya Chhana642145
PateshalBhaisiya Chhana673148
Puna KoteBhaisiya Chhana491115
SallaBhaisiya Chhana850174
Salla BhatkoteBhaisiya Chhana14640
SaluriBhaisiya Chhana26965
SanriBhaisiya Chhana4110
SealBhaisiya Chhana38384
SimkhalyaBhaisiya Chhana21042
SuknaBhaisiya Chhana10522
Supai SupyalBhaisiya Chhana679153
Supai TiwariBhaisiya Chhana6517
TarulaBhaisiya Chhana19247
Thala GunthBhaisiya Chhana18633
ThiklanaBhaisiya Chhana34591
TirnailiBhaisiya Chhana23562
Udal GaonBhaisiya Chhana17734
UmerBhaisiya Chhana9220
UtyanBhaisiya Chhana24350

The data is based on 2011 Census. Some new blocks might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other blocks.

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Ghost Villages in Bhaisiya Chhana Block

*Ghost Villages: Villages with "0" population.