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Kanali Chhina Block, Pithoragarh District

Kanali Chhina block is located in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of208 villages in Kanali Chhina community development block of Pithoragarh. The total population of Kanali Chhina block is 41,652 with male population of 20,143 and female population of 21,509. There are 10,103 households in Kanali Chhina block, Pithoragarh district.

A summary of each of the villages in Kanali Chhina block Pithoragarh district is provided below. Click on the village name to view the detailed demographic data of each village. Scroll down to see the list of villages in Kanali Chhina block.

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Population Stats - Kanali Chhina Block, Pithoragarh

ST Population103
SC Population11,921
Child (0-6 yrs)4,976

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Work & Employment Data of Kanali Chhina block, Pithoragarh District

Kanali Chhina Block has a total working population of 19,317 of which 11,130 are main workers and 8,187 are marginal workers. 7,243 people are engaged fulltime in farming or cultivation while 7,243 persons pursue farming for less than 6 months in a year.

Working Population19,317
Main Workers11,130
Main Cultivator7,243
Agri Labourers106
Marginal Workers8,187
Marginal Cultivators6,426
Non Working22,335
Non Working Males10,658
Non Working Females11,677

Terms Used
Main Workers: People who have worked for MORE than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Marginal Workers: People who have worked for LESS than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Main Cultivators: People who are the owner/co-owner of the land and engaged in cultivation.
Agri Labourers: Those who worked on other's land for wages.

List of Villages in Kanali Chhina Block, Pithoragarh

Below is the list of all villages in Kanali Chhina Block of Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Click on the name of any village below to see the detailed information about that village in Kanali Chhina Block.

Village Block Population Households
AganyaKanali Chhina427101
AmaliKanali Chhina5017
AmatariKanali Chhina15743
AmkoteKanali Chhina7628
AnnagaonKanali Chhina29771
BachkotKanali Chhina17945
Bagari HatKanali Chhina473112
Bagna Urf ShakitpurKanali Chhina12635
BairaKanali Chhina6112
BajetKanali Chhina10820
Balyani ChauraKanali Chhina6018
BamdoliKanali Chhina501118
Bandal ChamuKanali Chhina9425
BanigaonKanali Chhina13436
BarakotKanali Chhina28078
BarigaonKanali Chhina9424
BarmauKanali Chhina44594
Barna GaonKanali Chhina17739
BasaurKanali Chhina9229
BaseriKanali Chhina3910
BasorKanali Chhina393105
BastariKanali Chhina31280
BathauliKanali Chhina506115
BatulaKanali Chhina21757
BazarKanali Chhina24753
BedaraKanali Chhina4210
BhadrikaKanali Chhina16341
BhaisuriKanali Chhina23763
BhaitariKanali Chhina42299
BhakundaKanali Chhina16046
Bhandari GaonKanali Chhina12634
Bhandari Gaon RajwarKanali Chhina1,135266
BheliyaKanali Chhina24355
BichhataKanali Chhina6515
BichulKanali Chhina37886
BijauriKanali Chhina72
Bora GaonKanali Chhina184
ChamdugriKanali Chhina14738
Chami GarkhaKanali Chhina00
Chami NaduKanali Chhina5916
Chami RautelaKanali Chhina204
ChamlekhKanali Chhina21042
ChamtoliKanali Chhina5813
ChamuKanali Chhina22956
ChanauliKanali Chhina10827
ChaukhaKanali Chhina12026
ChaukiKanali Chhina22659
ChaupataKanali Chhina25767
ChausalKanali Chhina495123
ChhabbisaKanali Chhina8115
Chhatri GaonKanali Chhina7215
ChipchipaKanali Chhina144
DangatiKanali Chhina594159
DantoliKanali Chhina8120
DartiKanali Chhina12326
DaulaKanali Chhina5615
DaulaniKanali Chhina3714
DewalKanali Chhina1,434337
Dhath kholaKanali Chhina626133
DhaulkotKanali Chhina12932
Dhoon KholaKanali Chhina92
Dhugal GaonKanali Chhina4011
DhurauliKanali Chhina25969
DigaraKanali Chhina1,614382
DigraKanali Chhina10728
DokunaKanali Chhina10035
DunduKanali Chhina21960
DungraKanali Chhina31187
DungriKanali Chhina24951
Dwali SeraKanali Chhina624139
DyogaraKanali Chhina30183
DyoraKanali Chhina624132
GadaliKanali Chhina7718
Gaidali CharmaKanali Chhina175
Gaidali NaduKanali Chhina29369
GajariKanali Chhina26354
GanaiKanali Chhina16040
GarjiyaKanali Chhina29562
GaurhiKanali Chhina3810
GhatyuriKanali Chhina175
GhigharaniKanali Chhina32865
GothanaKanali Chhina16035
GubrauliKanali Chhina338
GudarKanali Chhina317
GurauliKanali Chhina498108
HaraliKanali Chhina23855
HelpiyaKanali Chhina12717
HinkoteKanali Chhina530133
JamtariKanali Chhina35289
Jethi GaonKanali Chhina30081
Jingal GaonKanali Chhina17749
JogyuraKanali Chhina16239
Joshi GaonKanali Chhina8119
KachanaKanali Chhina24153
KaisaliKanali Chhina8921
KajeraKanali Chhina114
KamtolipurwaKanali Chhina38496
KanadharKanali Chhina17842
KandaliKanali Chhina24256
KanetiKanali Chhina5213
Kapari GaonKanali Chhina17446
Kari GaonKanali Chhina5614
KhainaliKanali Chhina339
Khan PharKanali Chhina14739
KhariyaniKanali Chhina278
KhawatariKanali Chhina455111
KhitkariKanali Chhina328
KholasanKanali Chhina509
Kholia GaonKanali Chhina24968
Khwa KoteKanali Chhina395109
KotaliKanali Chhina12738
KusailaKanali Chhina27469
KutaKanali Chhina17459
LamaraKanali Chhina8223
LamtariKanali Chhina14731
LegamkandaKanali Chhina15133
Lima ToraKanali Chhina28965
LohakotKanali Chhina501122
LotharaKanali Chhina4915
LwathiKanali Chhina21948
LwenthaKanali Chhina4311
Mahat GaonKanali Chhina10127
Mahat GaonKanali Chhina14641
MajheraKanali Chhina18052
MajholiKanali Chhina206
Malan CharmaKanali Chhina6321
Malan NaduKanali Chhina10128
MarkoliKanali Chhina7116
MatayulaKanali Chhina4511
Mau KabharKanali Chhina6716
MelkhetKanali Chhina187
Mitari GaonKanali Chhina12529
Mitra PurmuraKanali Chhina6120
ModiKanali Chhina20347
MoosgaonKanali Chhina16134
MugrauliKanali Chhina10327
MunawaiKanali Chhina12036
MusgalKanali Chhina6918
MyoliKanali Chhina14235
NagKanali Chhina6118
NagraurhaKanali Chhina23262
NainiKanali Chhina122
NainiKanali Chhina6016
NakhnoliKanali Chhina27870
NakoteKanali Chhina10823
NamakhKanali Chhina00
NaretKanali Chhina25356
NwaliKanali Chhina450100
Ojhagoan MallaKanali Chhina28165
Ojhagoan TallaKanali Chhina15036
OligairKanali Chhina00
OligaonKanali Chhina5513
OltariKanali Chhina36973
PagrauliKanali Chhina29662
PaliKanali Chhina20649
PandaKanali Chhina549
Pant GaonKanali Chhina6718
Pant SeraKanali Chhina38895
PartariKanali Chhina81
PasamaKanali Chhina11436
PataligaonKanali Chhina12734
PatharoliKanali Chhina8321
PathrauliKanali Chhina17346
Pattharkot MallaKanali Chhina5919
Pattharkot TallaKanali Chhina6519
PetkholaKanali Chhina4110
PukhroraKanali Chhina23160
RaitoliKanali Chhina9224
RanuwaKanali Chhina14336
RasgariKanali Chhina16237
RinKanali Chhina19336
RunraKanali Chhina20239
SailoniKanali Chhina385101
SametiKanali Chhina7815
Sangari MalliKanali Chhina6019
Sangari TalliKanali Chhina12535
SannaKanali Chhina18236
SatgarhKanali Chhina979238
Sawali SeraKanali Chhina14934
SeraKanali Chhina113
Sethi GaonKanali Chhina5512
ShaugaonKanali Chhina16234
SilKanali Chhina13435
Sil KakarmanyaKanali Chhina358
SinkholiKanali Chhina5515
SiroliKanali Chhina747183
SiroliKanali Chhina4810
SirtoliKanali Chhina8422
SitoliKanali Chhina5915
SoonakotKanali Chhina469110
SunkholiKanali Chhina14837
SurauliKanali Chhina21657
SurunKanali Chhina415113
SyuwanKanali Chhina24853
TalKanali Chhina7314
TaragunKanali Chhina6115
Thal GaonKanali Chhina30568
ThaliKanali Chhina3315
TitariKanali Chhina523121
Toli BinayakKanali Chhina165
ToligaonKanali Chhina3614
ToonikholaKanali Chhina41
Tyari GaonKanali Chhina82
UchakoteKanali Chhina14128
UmariKanali Chhina9324
UraiKanali Chhina695158
UrmaKanali Chhina26663
UsailKanali Chhina523140

The data is based on 2011 Census. Some new blocks might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other blocks.

5 most populated Villages in Kanali Chhina Block
5 least populated Villages in Kanali Chhina Block

Note: Villages with "0" population are omitted from the list of least populated villages.

Ghost Villages in Kanali Chhina Block

*Ghost Villages: Villages with "0" population.