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Narayan Bagar Block, Chamoli District

Narayan Bagar block is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of153 villages in Narayan Bagar community development block of Chamoli. The total population of Narayan Bagar block is 30,919 with male population of 14,414 and female population of 16,505. There are 6,957 households in Narayan Bagar block, Chamoli district.

A summary of each of the villages in Narayan Bagar block Chamoli district is provided below. Click on the village name to view the detailed demographic data of each village. Scroll down to see the list of villages in Narayan Bagar block.

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Population Stats - Narayan Bagar Block, Chamoli

ST Population34
SC Population6,683
Child (0-6 yrs)4,114

Work & Employment Data of Narayan Bagar block, Chamoli District

Narayan Bagar Block has a total working population of 14,056 of which 8,189 are main workers and 5,867 are marginal workers. 6,189 people are engaged fulltime in farming or cultivation while 6,189 persons pursue farming for less than 6 months in a year.

Working Population14,056
Main Workers8,189
Main Cultivator6,189
Agri Labourers41
Marginal Workers5,867
Marginal Cultivators4,972
Non Working16,863
Non Working Males8,172
Non Working Females8,691

Terms Used
Main Workers: People who have worked for MORE than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Marginal Workers: People who have worked for LESS than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Main Cultivators: People who are the owner/co-owner of the land and engaged in cultivation.
Agri Labourers: Those who worked on other's land for wages.

List of Villages in Narayan Bagar Block, Chamoli

Below is the list of all villages in Narayan Bagar Block of Chamoli, Uttarakhand. Click on the name of any village below to see the detailed information about that village in Narayan Bagar Block.

Village Block Population Households
AaliNarayan Bagar6815
AdraNarayan Bagar34173
Agar ChimniNarayan Bagar12727
AlkotNarayan Bagar30870
AngothNarayan Bagar10224
ArkhandaNarayan Bagar12229
AsedNarayan Bagar464109
Badiyun SarNarayan Bagar387
Bainoli TalliNarayan Bagar481109
BajwarNarayan Bagar9230
Baman GaonNarayan Bagar8822
BamiyalaNarayan Bagar38272
BasinaNarayan Bagar12125
Bed GaonNarayan Bagar15933
BedulaNarayan Bagar19035
Beena GaonNarayan Bagar16058
BetharaNarayan Bagar19347
BhagotiNarayan Bagar33080
BhainswadaNarayan Bagar00
BhangotaNarayan Bagar20951
BhatiyanaNarayan Bagar465102
BhatiyanaNarayan Bagar20449
Bhela Narayan Bagar19551
BhidtolyNarayan Bagar438
Bhulkwani GwadNarayan Bagar14230
BhyadiNarayan Bagar14735
BinayakNarayan Bagar26557
Binwal GaonNarayan Bagar5518
BuderaNarayan Bagar24652
BungaNarayan Bagar48199
BuwarkotNarayan Bagar10921
Chaliya PaniNarayan Bagar13731
ChhapaliNarayan Bagar5415
ChhekudaNarayan Bagar26761
ChirkhunNarayan Bagar32275
Chirona Laga BedulaNarayan Bagar4612
ChopataNarayan Bagar547122
DangtoliNarayan Bagar28761
DaulNarayan Bagar359
Deliali Laga ChhekudaNarayan Bagar19946
DevpuriNarayan Bagar17945
DhaluNarayan Bagar9122
DharwaramNarayan Bagar42195
DhuletNarayan Bagar9017
DobhaNarayan Bagar81
DungriNarayan Bagar1,229250
GadkotNarayan Bagar19846
GadseeraNarayan Bagar432104
GairwaramNarayan Bagar28868
Gandik MallaNarayan Bagar12528
Gandik TallaNarayan Bagar11928
GarsariNarayan Bagar00
GawaniNarayan Bagar25053
Ghariyada Laga DungriNarayan Bagar114
GherbungaNarayan Bagar224
Gwad Laga GadkotNarayan Bagar347
Hans KotiNarayan Bagar486103
Harmani MalliNarayan Bagar19251
Harmani TalliNarayan Bagar9325
IdaNarayan Bagar7418
Jabar KotNarayan Bagar17444
JakhNarayan Bagar15648
Jakh Laga SainjNarayan Bagar11828
Jakhwal KotNarayan Bagar6013
Jhangor GaonNarayan Bagar19443
JhijhoniNarayan Bagar864181
JhinjholiNarayan Bagar22253
JunairNarayan Bagar37983
JyudaNarayan Bagar37778
Kafar TeerNarayan Bagar20039
Kafoli MalliNarayan Bagar30974
Kafoli TalliNarayan Bagar339
Kakad ToliNarayan Bagar31
Kandwal GaonNarayan Bagar26966
KansolaNarayan Bagar21851
KarchaudaNarayan Bagar224
Kathaligad Narayan Bagar6513
KaubNarayan Bagar1,122226
KeshawaNarayan Bagar8321
Kevar MallaNarayan Bagar13930
Kevar TallaNarayan Bagar1,189289
KhainoliNarayan Bagar598127
KhaintoliNarayan Bagar258
KimoliNarayan Bagar1,079196
KotNarayan Bagar21952
KothaliNarayan Bagar41099
KotharaNarayan Bagar12531
KulsariNarayan Bagar476117
Kund BagarNarayan Bagar111
KushNarayan Bagar7317
LegunaNarayan Bagar7615
LodhalaNarayan Bagar15637
MahadNarayan Bagar00
MaiduniNarayan Bagar40681
Maita TallaNarayan Bagar24354
MajyanaNarayan Bagar00
Mal Laga JyudaNarayan Bagar8619
MalturaNarayan Bagar5713
ManodaNarayan Bagar16134
ManoorNarayan Bagar13737
MarodaNarayan Bagar30968
MaunaNarayan Bagar21654
MeengNarayan Bagar43384
Menta MallaNarayan Bagar29572
Moli Laga KotNarayan Bagar4913
Nail Narayan Bagar93
NailNarayan Bagar17330
NainiNarayan Bagar8621
Nalgaon KadkotNarayan Bagar23847
Nalgaon SirgurNarayan Bagar21052
Nam TolNarayan Bagar29461
Narayan BagarNarayan Bagar36290
Nau GaonNarayan Bagar5217
NaunaNarayan Bagar7718
NauthaNarayan Bagar236
NawaliNarayan Bagar23452
NeeladiNarayan Bagar21149
PainaNarayan Bagar61
PalchhuniNarayan Bagar36586
Pali MalliNarayan Bagar8520
Pali TalliNarayan Bagar6910
PantiNarayan Bagar40891
ParkhalNarayan Bagar8716
PastoliNarayan Bagar22656
PharkotNarayan Bagar5311
PokhadaNarayan Bagar3810
RainsNarayan Bagar604131
RampurNarayan Bagar154
RataniNarayan Bagar11126
Rathiya MallaNarayan Bagar399
Rathiya TallaNarayan Bagar00
ReiNarayan Bagar24155
SainjNarayan Bagar16336
SalpurNarayan Bagar7922
SanedNarayan Bagar24564
SeeriNarayan Bagar11135
SemalNarayan Bagar92
SilodiNarayan Bagar12733
SoltaNarayan Bagar6117
Suda Laga JhijhoniNarayan Bagar00
SunabhiNarayan Bagar24862
SunsariNarayan Bagar3611
Swan MallaNarayan Bagar8315
Swan TallaNarayan Bagar31355
SyalpurNarayan Bagar4912
SyuntaNarayan Bagar8115
TajpurNarayan Bagar12430
TentudaNarayan Bagar12128
Thirota GwadNarayan Bagar124
Titar KholiNarayan Bagar194
TolyonNarayan Bagar00
TunedaNarayan Bagar22552
TyulaNarayan Bagar9826

The data is based on 2011 Census. Some new blocks might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other blocks.

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Ghost Villages in Narayan Bagar Block

*Ghost Villages: Villages with "0" population.