Village Search - Jakhani Dhar Tehsil, Tehri Garhwal

Jakhani Dhar Tehsil, Tehri Garhwal District

As per 2011 census, Jakhani Dhar tehsil is located in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of 138 villages in Jakhani Dhar tehsil of Tehri Garhwal.

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This list is based on 2011 Census. Some new tehsils might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other tehsils.


List of Villages in Jakhani Dhar Tehsil

Village Administrative Division Population Households
Akhori SainJakhani Dhar19244
Ali MalliJakhani Dhar12729
Ali TalliJakhani Dhar4110
AmeldaJakhani Dhar21755
AndrethiJakhani Dhar12434
BaderaJakhani Dhar7917
BaderaJakhani Dhar4412
Bagi Semaltiyun KiJakhani Dhar83
Bainsoli MalliJakhani Dhar11536
Bainsoli TalliJakhani Dhar28963
BarkotJakhani Dhar9822
BartyakundJakhani Dhar244
BaunsthaJakhani Dhar10525
BelkandiJakhani Dhar8324
BhadliJakhani Dhar11632
BhashoJakhani Dhar6612
BhatkandaJakhani Dhar28760
BhatkandaJakhani Dhar10225
BhatkotJakhani Dhar306
BorgaonJakhani Dhar6515
ChahgadoliyaJakhani Dhar1,373311
Chaka PichwaraJakhani Dhar15049
ChaknauliJakhani Dhar00
ChamiJakhani Dhar12432
Chaund JaspurJakhani Dhar461117
ChaundiJakhani Dhar6420
ChaunraJakhani Dhar5714
ChhadiyaraJakhani Dhar17636
Chhadiyara MallaJakhani Dhar23364
Chhadiyara TallaJakhani Dhar7527
ChhetiJakhani Dhar576155
ChholgaonJakhani Dhar673145
ChopraJakhani Dhar34177
ChurernaJakhani Dhar5410
DanoliJakhani Dhar393106
Dapoli May KalanaJakhani Dhar26252
DasoliJakhani Dhar36695
DharunJakhani Dhar10634
DobhJakhani Dhar34587
Dyuradi ChakJakhani Dhar133
GadugadJakhani Dhar23147
Gainwali May DawaisariJakhani Dhar782170
GarakotJakhani Dhar538151
GaunsariJakhani Dhar16743
GenwaliJakhani Dhar442107
GhogasJakhani Dhar12934
GothiyaraJakhani Dhar2614
HaljentJakhani Dhar389
JagdharJakhani Dhar318108
JagethiJakhani Dhar13932
JamteeJakhani Dhar19556
JelamJakhani Dhar732158
KafalnaJakhani Dhar14742
Kail BagiJakhani Dhar4712
KaintholiJakhani Dhar15842
KakraruJakhani Dhar21
Kanda DangiJakhani Dhar17950
KandiJakhani Dhar14538
Kandiyal GaonJakhani Dhar17749
KarakotJakhani Dhar12628
KarasJakhani Dhar28767
Kashi GaonJakhani Dhar18843
KhandJakhani Dhar10627
Khandi Maya KafaliJakhani Dhar18947
Khastal TallaJakhani Dhar6519
KhitBidiJakhani Dhar389
Khon BagiJakhani Dhar34584
Khstal MallaJakhani Dhar4912
KotJakhani Dhar11932
KothiyaJakhani Dhar10327
KotiJakhani Dhar17959
Koti KhasJakhani Dhar1,037250
Koti-TyunsaJakhani Dhar22672
KulakandiJakhani Dhar33379
KulerJakhani Dhar9229
Kumai GaonJakhani Dhar00
Kumardhar Maya MarodaJakhani Dhar521150
KumradaJakhani Dhar16448
KwanliJakhani Dhar47645
LawaigaonJakhani Dhar30769
LontharJakhani Dhar8822
Mairaf MallaJakhani Dhar16740
Mairaf TallaJakhani Dhar10524
MalyakotJakhani Dhar22258
ManthalJakhani Dhar26066
MaroraJakhani Dhar33873
MathiyaliJakhani Dhar510113
MengwaliJakhani Dhar1,040225
Moli May SunaldiJakhani Dhar772187
Molkhali ChakJakhani Dhar9220
NandgaonJakhani Dhar486101
NandoliJakhani Dhar19942
NauliJakhani Dhar225
NawakotJakhani Dhar1,102288
NegiyanaJakhani Dhar7519
NiraliJakhani Dhar8322
PaindulaJakhani Dhar18753
PajiyaraJakhani Dhar19533
PaliJakhani Dhar8519
PalkotJakhani Dhar13335
PanchoorJakhani Dhar623164
ParsariJakhani Dhar16741
Pata PallaJakhani Dhar9023
Pata WallaJakhani Dhar11725
Patoi GaonJakhani Dhar539
PetawJakhani Dhar486134
Phakwa ChakJakhani Dhar4912
Pipola Jakhani Dhar523112
PolkhandJakhani Dhar3611
PulanJakhani Dhar00
PunaduJakhani Dhar19445
Ragara PipolaJakhani Dhar623163
RamaJakhani Dhar15635
RaswariJakhani Dhar19346
RatoliJakhani Dhar1,183250
Raud Lagga DharunJakhani Dhar28683
RaunthiJakhani Dhar338
RudoliJakhani Dhar112
SandankotJakhani Dhar35494
SankuldJakhani Dhar5618
SaplaJakhani Dhar5610
SemaJakhani Dhar15737
ShrikotJakhani Dhar17960
SimlasuJakhani Dhar23263
Singoli MalliJakhani Dhar4113
Singoli TalliJakhani Dhar276
SirauJakhani Dhar6115
SondharJakhani Dhar43096
SwariJakhani Dhar788165
SwatiJakhani Dhar7617
SyutaJakhani Dhar14842
TakoliJakhani Dhar22955
Tehri Range (P-2)Jakhani Dhar3716
TipriJakhani Dhar697188
Titriya TipriJakhani Dhar6713
UndoliJakhani Dhar20148
UtharJakhani Dhar33770
VichitarpurJakhani Dhar00
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Ghost Villages in Jakhani Dhar Tehsil

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