Uttarakhand Villages Photo Contest

Uttarakhand Village Contest is an effort to showcase the beauty of Uttarakhand Villages!

How to Participate

1. Go to Village Search

2. Search for your village and visit the village page.

3. Click on Login or Register button. If you are already logged in, just click on Upload Photo.

4. If you are new user, please register first and then upload the photo.

5. Photos sent through Email, Facebook or Instagram will NOT be considered.

Selected photos will stay uploaded on our website as well. This will help us build the database of Uttarakhand Villages!

Weekly Winner

1. We will choose a best photo every week.

2. The winner will receive Pahadi merchandise like Pahadi Mugs or Pahadi T-Shirts from eUttaranchal!

3. Winners will be announced every Monday starting 20th June 2022.

Uttarakhand Village Photo Contest is a part of My Roots - Uttarakhand Villages Project.

Uttarakhand Villages Project

Majority of Uttarakhand population lives in villages. Villages of rural Uttarakhand have always been put in a backseat by the successive state government hence depriving our village of basic necessities like healthcare and quality education. The development in rural areas is very limited. With this project we aim to create a trustful database of our villages and the facilities we have around them. If evaluated correctly, this data may help build a policy for rural centric development of the state. This project will also connect us back to our roots by providing news and updates about local events in our villages. It will also enable to connect with the local people from our local areas.

The project is being developed by eUttaranchal.