Kukra Village, Bageshwar

Kukra village is located in Bageshwar block and Bageshwar tehsil of Bageshwar district. It comes under Bahuli gram panchayat. The geographical area of Kukra village is 1.98 heactares.

Meet 1 people from Bageshwar Tehsil in Bageshwar district.
Administrative details of Kukra village, Bageshwar
Tehsil Bageshwar
Block Bageshwar
Gram Panchayat Bahuli
District Bageshwar
Nearest Statutory Town Bageshwar / 6kms
Area 1.98 ha

Population Data of Kukra village, Bageshwar District

Kukra village in Bageshwar district has a total population of 0 comprising of 0 families that reside in Kukra village. The village has a male population of 0 and female population of 0. In Kukra village, the population of children within age group of 0-6 yrs is 0.

Children (0-6) yrs0
Children - Male0
Children - Female0
SC Population0
ST Population0

Terms Used
Sex Ratio: It is a ratio of number of females per 1000 male. Calculation (No. of Females/ No. of Males)x1000

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