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Okhal Kanda Block, Nainital District

Okhal Kanda block is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of107 villages in Okhal Kanda community development block of Nainital. The total population of Okhal Kanda block is 48,337 with male population of 24,427 and female population of 23,910. There are 8,490 households in Okhal Kanda block, Nainital district.

A summary of each of the villages in Okhal Kanda block Nainital district is provided below. Click on the village name to view the detailed demographic data of each village. Scroll down to see the list of villages in Okhal Kanda block.

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Population Stats - Okhal Kanda Block, Nainital

ST Population10
SC Population10,401
Child (0-6 yrs)8,555

Work & Employment Data of Okhal Kanda block, Nainital District

Okhal Kanda Block has a total working population of 26,478 of which 16,854 are main workers and 9,624 are marginal workers. 13,365 people are engaged fulltime in farming or cultivation while 13,365 persons pursue farming for less than 6 months in a year.

Working Population26,478
Main Workers16,854
Main Cultivator13,365
Agri Labourers318
Marginal Workers9,624
Marginal Cultivators8,303
Non Working21,859
Non Working Males11,069
Non Working Females10,790

Terms Used
Main Workers: People who have worked for MORE than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Marginal Workers: People who have worked for LESS than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Main Cultivators: People who are the owner/co-owner of the land and engaged in cultivation.
Agri Labourers: Those who worked on other's land for wages.

List of Villages in Okhal Kanda Block, Nainital

Below is the list of all villages in Okhal Kanda Block of Nainital, Uttarakhand. Click on the name of any village below to see the detailed information about that village in Okhal Kanda Block.

Village Block Population Households
AamOkhal Kanda11920
AdhoraOkhal Kanda963184
AmjarOkhal Kanda663108
BagaurOkhal Kanda11020
BagourOkhal Kanda9312
BalnaOkhal Kanda36471
BaronOkhal Kanda1,737241
BhadrakotOkhal Kanda37470
BhadrethaOkhal Kanda25250
BhanpokharaOkhal Kanda36746
BhetaOkhal Kanda417
Bheti Diyar KholiOkhal Kanda21943
BhonraOkhal Kanda46979
BhumkaOkhal Kanda952164
ByuraOkhal Kanda00
Chak DalarOkhal Kanda39265
ChamoliOkhal Kanda1,336221
ChurigarOkhal Kanda922171
DalauzOkhal Kanda10421
Dall KanyaOkhal Kanda1,687297
DanseeliOkhal Kanda20036
DewaliOkhal Kanda16033
DhenaOkhal Kanda38666
Dholi GaonOkhal Kanda17940
DigoliOkhal Kanda5412
Dungari Chak KakshawarOkhal Kanda82
DungriOkhal Kanda22043
GaduraOkhal Kanda203
GalaniOkhal Kanda982167
Gargari MalliOkhal Kanda48990
Gargari TalliOkhal Kanda672111
GauniyarawOkhal Kanda1,187179
Ghargaon MallaOkhal Kanda35667
GurnaguthOkhal Kanda5513
Harinagar ThaliOkhal Kanda690112
Hatyari TaalOkhal Kanda39875
HerakhanOkhal Kanda41969
JamarariOkhal Kanda27455
JaodhOkhal Kanda18530
Jhargaon TallaOkhal Kanda588104
JoshauraOkhal Kanda27364
Kachila KotOkhal Kanda34870
KafaliOkhal Kanda132
KafroliOkhal Kanda11823
KairagaonOkhal Kanda32561
KakoreOkhal Kanda895141
Kala agarOkhal Kanda927164
Kanda MallaOkhal Kanda19240
KarayalOkhal Kanda29459
KatnaOkhal Kanda655123
KauntaOkhal Kanda47685
KhansyunOkhal Kanda734145
KhujathiOkhal Kanda938185
KodarOkhal Kanda33256
Kot PandeyOkhal Kanda10923
KotaliOkhal Kanda43071
KotlaOkhal Kanda815151
KuknaOkhal Kanda594101
KulonOkhal Kanda14034
KuloriOkhal Kanda608101
KundalOkhal Kanda39769
KwaralaOkhal Kanda54396
LawardowaOkhal Kanda1,408236
MaitoliOkhal Kanda1,037187
MatelaOkhal Kanda559110
Mohana GaonOkhal Kanda27149
NaiOkhal Kanda45468
OdiyariOkhal Kanda21137
Okhalkanda MallaOkhal Kanda789172
Okhalkanda TallaOkhal Kanda743131
PadampurOkhal Kanda47495
PaitanaOkhal Kanda23239
PajenaOkhal Kanda32263
PansyaOkhal Kanda1,124184
Pantoli MalliOkhal Kanda9722
Pantoli TalliOkhal Kanda227
PataliyaOkhal Kanda719138
PatraniOkhal Kanda799112
PokhariOkhal Kanda597103
Pokhari Chak SandulaOkhal Kanda27550
Pokhari MalliOkhal Kanda19534
Pokhari TalliOkhal Kanda9120
PutgaonOkhal Kanda689111
PutpuriOkhal Kanda21935
Ramela GaonOkhal Kanda12321
RekunaOkhal Kanda41569
RikhakotOkhal Kanda47986
Semal KanyaOkhal Kanda8919
ShalakparOkhal Kanda17730
ShalakwarOkhal Kanda20531
ShaloreOkhal Kanda45069
ShelakhetOkhal Kanda11921
SooniOkhal Kanda60695
SoreOkhal Kanda12221
SuieOkhal Kanda38464
SunkotOkhal Kanda626133
SurangOkhal Kanda780136
Suwakot PokhariOkhal Kanda38153
TakuraOkhal Kanda22253
Talla KandaOkhal Kanda24445
TandaOkhal Kanda33162
ThalariOkhal Kanda651107
ThaliOkhal Kanda35365
Timber Okhal Kanda54087
TusrarOkhal Kanda48290
WaramdharOkhal Kanda24740
WarigauthOkhal Kanda14229

The data is based on 2011 Census. Some new blocks might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other blocks.

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Ghost Villages in Okhal Kanda Block

*Ghost Villages: Villages with "0" population.