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Chaubatta Khal Tehsil, Pauri Garhwal District

As per 2011 census, Chaubatta Khal tehsil is located in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of 291 villages in Chaubatta Khal tehsil of Pauri Garhwal.

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This list is based on 2011 Census. Some new tehsils might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other tehsils.


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List of Villages in Chaubatta Khal Tehsil

Village Administrative Division Population Households
AdkattaChaubatta Khal00
AlkhetuChaubatta Khal203
Ameli RangeChaubatta Khal1414
Ansari ThapliChaubatta Khal13436
AntkilChaubatta Khal4318
Aroli MalliChaubatta Khal9320
Aroli TalliChaubatta Khal318
AsarkotChaubatta Khal5513
Aslot MallaChaubatta Khal9423
Aslot TallaChaubatta Khal7818
BadiyanaChaubatta Khal27256
BadoliChaubatta Khal10733
BagarChaubatta Khal346
Bagari GaonChaubatta Khal16836
Bagri DharChaubatta Khal8519
Baindul MallaChaubatta Khal288
BainulChaubatta Khal9625
BamoliChaubatta Khal8521
BamoliChaubatta Khal7620
BansaiChaubatta Khal30675
BansuliChaubatta Khal4413
BaraChaubatta Khal147
Bareth MallaChaubatta Khal21863
Bareth TallaChaubatta Khal26734
BariadangChaubatta Khal00
BarsuChaubatta Khal10128
BasotiChaubatta Khal39782
BasuorChaubatta Khal12434
BaukhandChaubatta Khal14028
BedalaChaubatta Khal3810
Beena DharChaubatta Khal27268
Beena GadChaubatta Khal20246
Beena MalliChaubatta Khal30479
Bhadmoli MalliChaubatta Khal5215
Bhadmoli TalliChaubatta Khal8722
BhaduliChaubatta Khal17749
Bhair GaonChaubatta Khal00
Bhair GaonChaubatta Khal00
BhandaliChaubatta Khal14643
Bhandar GaonChaubatta Khal21
Bhans WaraChaubatta Khal315
BhanswaraChaubatta Khal10827
BharpurChaubatta Khal299
Bhatwara Urf DharmpurChaubatta Khal335
BhetiChaubatta Khal13735
BhounderChaubatta Khal24559
BichkoliChaubatta Khal286
Boor GaonChaubatta Khal16139
BudoliChaubatta Khal8620
BusoliChaubatta Khal17845
Chal KudiyaChaubatta Khal145
Cham ChotaChaubatta Khal7919
ChamaliChaubatta Khal10234
Chamali Lagga BhandaliChaubatta Khal00
ChambadaChaubatta Khal13939
Chameli lagga kandaiChaubatta Khal00
ChamnowuChaubatta Khal23551
Chand GaonChaubatta Khal00
ChandnaChaubatta Khal92
Chara MallaChaubatta Khal15832
Chara TallaChaubatta Khal41
CharkandaiChaubatta Khal5015
ChaundiChaubatta Khal9431
Chekana GadhChaubatta Khal00
Chhetar RangeChaubatta Khal307
Chimali DangChaubatta Khal7618
Chopara ChargadChaubatta Khal497115
Churesh GaonChaubatta Khal4313
DabarChaubatta Khal3511
DabruChaubatta Khal276
Dal Mal GonthChaubatta Khal4810
Dal Mal KhalsaChaubatta Khal7420
DalibounChaubatta Khal5815
DanthaChaubatta Khal567125
DarkhandaChaubatta Khal33474
Deogiri RangeChaubatta Khal00
Dev Kandai MalliChaubatta Khal20943
Dev Kendari TalliChaubatta Khal14335
Devradi TalliChaubatta Khal11931
Devrari MalliChaubatta Khal17140
Dewal MallaChaubatta Khal8423
Dewal TallaChaubatta Khal2410
Dewan Ka BungaChaubatta Khal4911
Dhair KholaChaubatta Khal4414
Dhang soli MalliChaubatta Khal7117
DharasuChaubatta Khal758202
DhasmaniChaubatta Khal7020
DhukandiChaubatta Khal4211
Dhukandi GoonthChaubatta Khal00
Diksoli TalliChaubatta Khal133
DiyuldChaubatta Khal14839
DruniChaubatta Khal3811
Dundara KotiChaubatta Khal11429
EraChaubatta Khal13135
FarkiyaChaubatta Khal308
GaddariChaubatta Khal2,357507
GaderiChaubatta Khal37985
GadoliChaubatta Khal384110
GairoliChaubatta Khal00
GajarsainChaubatta Khal6715
GajeraChaubatta Khal15638
GaokhandChaubatta Khal14638
GhalaChaubatta Khal6722
GhaletaChaubatta Khal00
Ghandiyal DharChaubatta Khal5213
Ghandiyal WalaChaubatta Khal22062
GhandoliChaubatta Khal184
GhartoliChaubatta Khal14233
Ghidiyali GaonChaubatta Khal00
GiuladChaubatta Khal19244
GiwanliChaubatta Khal15247
Gurad MallaChaubatta Khal31173
Gurad TallaChaubatta Khal15040
Gwad bichalaChaubatta Khal112
Gwad MallaChaubatta Khal11123
Gwar TallaChaubatta Khal561151
Gwari GaonChaubatta Khal256
HaladChaubatta Khal13020
Halai MalliChaubatta Khal15335
Hallai TalliChaubatta Khal359
Harkot MallaChaubatta Khal11832
Harkot TallaChaubatta Khal14135
Haroli MalliChaubatta Khal6721
HeradharChaubatta Khal00
JadiyaniChaubatta Khal237
Jaintoli BichliChaubatta Khal7719
Jaitoli MalliChaubatta Khal18041
Jaitoli TalliChaubatta Khal12034
JakholuChaubatta Khal398
JamralaChaubatta Khal4510
JamrodaChaubatta Khal94
JhaluChaubatta Khal3810
JharpalliChaubatta Khal26651
Juni SeraChaubatta Khal00
Kafol GaonChaubatta Khal51
Kakr KhetuChaubatta Khal00
KamediChaubatta Khal15441
KamediChaubatta Khal21962
KandaiChaubatta Khal4715
KandaiChaubatta Khal20254
Kandai lagga kamediChaubatta Khal00
KandoliChaubatta Khal4512
KanothaChaubatta Khal10727
Kapatyal GaonChaubatta Khal7015
KapharaChaubatta Khal286
KasyaniChaubatta Khal13133
KathelaChaubatta Khal172
Kathur Urf Dharam PurChaubatta Khal3312
KhairChaubatta Khal6016
KhandaiChaubatta Khal8624
KhandkuChaubatta Khal00
KhandoliChaubatta Khal00
KhandyunChaubatta Khal475
KhankerChaubatta Khal246
KharsadiChaubatta Khal00
Khati GaonChaubatta Khal5515
Kher GaonChaubatta Khal13135
KhilasuChaubatta Khal11344
KilwasChaubatta Khal9022
Kimgarhi GawaniChaubatta Khal1,602386
KirkhuChaubatta Khal5621
KolaChaubatta Khal279
KolaChaubatta Khal578138
Kolda PakhaChaubatta Khal00
KotaChaubatta Khal15640
KulasuChaubatta Khal462116
KuliyaniChaubatta Khal9422
Kulodi DharChaubatta Khal398
KunagChaubatta Khal11230
KweerailChaubatta Khal00
KwiraliChaubatta Khal165
LakholiChaubatta Khal15434
LatibowunChaubatta Khal30075
LongisarChaubatta Khal00
LuethaChaubatta Khal30282
Maj GaonChaubatta Khal10027
Mal GaonChaubatta Khal29867
Mald MallaChaubatta Khal23859
Mald TallaChaubatta Khal00
MalkotChaubatta Khal00
Mander WallaChaubatta Khal00
Manjadi MalliChaubatta Khal6318
Manjari TalliChaubatta Khal187
Manjh GaonChaubatta Khal14937
MankotChaubatta Khal18248
MaradaChaubatta Khal19347
Marda MahadevChaubatta Khal8921
MarkotChaubatta Khal21056
Maroda Lagga BundkhilChaubatta Khal10128
Masaun MasetaChaubatta Khal32187
Masaun ThapliyalChaubatta Khal25370
MasmoliChaubatta Khal14137
MatgulChaubatta Khal16639
Math GaonChaubatta Khal00
MathanaChaubatta Khal32982
MathchauriChaubatta Khal14233
MatiyalaChaubatta Khal17836
Matiyalana SeraChaubatta Khal00
MaunaChaubatta Khal12442
Mayal Gaon MallaChaubatta Khal6515
Mayal Gaon TallaChaubatta Khal19445
MewaChaubatta Khal8220
Meyal GaonChaubatta Khal7321
MolkhalChaubatta Khal247
MundiyadChaubatta Khal12433
MusansaunChaubatta Khal16342
NaiChaubatta Khal402106
NailChaubatta Khal115
Nau Gaon ChapariChaubatta Khal3510
Nau Gaon Lo KameriChaubatta Khal00
Nau Gaon PatharChaubatta Khal648174
NaugaonChaubatta Khal10326
NaukhandiChaubatta Khal197
NaukholiChaubatta Khal6418
NaulaChaubatta Khal329
NigyanaChaubatta Khal21
NowthalaChaubatta Khal00
PabaliChaubatta Khal12233
Padiar GaonChaubatta Khal16044
PaliChaubatta Khal4210
PaliChaubatta Khal102
PaligonthChaubatta Khal14640
PalkotChaubatta Khal7917
Palli DharChaubatta Khal10824
PanchurChaubatta Khal25668
PandChaubatta Khal133
PaniyaChaubatta Khal22451
PankhetChaubatta Khal149
PantharChaubatta Khal20740
PatotiChaubatta Khal258
PatwarChaubatta Khal00
Pawar GaonChaubatta Khal17851
PilkheraChaubatta Khal12333
Pipal GaonChaubatta Khal00
PipaliChaubatta Khal13433
PiparkholaChaubatta Khal7921
PitroraChaubatta Khal7426
PokharaChaubatta Khal418104
PusoliChaubatta Khal15638
QuaiChaubatta Khal16836
RainukaChaubatta Khal00
RampurChaubatta Khal82
RanswaChaubatta Khal736159
ReduChaubatta Khal409
RetailChaubatta Khal9420
Rikheda KulasuChaubatta Khal00
RingwariChaubatta Khal33083
RoindaChaubatta Khal00
SagwadaChaubatta Khal7118
SaidharChaubatta Khal420103
SaimChaubatta Khal6917
SakidaChaubatta Khal7424
SaknoliChaubatta Khal28773
SalandChaubatta Khal16639
Saniya GadChaubatta Khal23751
SasaunChaubatta Khal32189
SatpaliChaubatta Khal36798
Selath ChothaChaubatta Khal7618
Sera ChackChaubatta Khal41
Seriya DharChaubatta Khal5517
ShrikotChaubatta Khal38794
Sila MallaChaubatta Khal00
Sila TallaChaubatta Khal298
SilethChaubatta Khal33086
Simal GaonChaubatta Khal5912
SimarChaubatta Khal33186
SirundaChaubatta Khal7017
SoundalChaubatta Khal22458
Subki HaroliChaubatta Khal00
SundaraiChaubatta Khal22461
Sungher KhalChaubatta Khal511123
SunnaChaubatta Khal15948
Sura laaga kasotiChaubatta Khal00
SyoliChaubatta Khal33485
TachhediChaubatta Khal136
TajuwarChaubatta Khal30575
Tauliya khasChaubatta Khal00
Tauliyan GurudattaChaubatta Khal62
Tham Laga BamoliChaubatta Khal00
Than Lagga KulasuChaubatta Khal00
ThapalaChaubatta Khal18341
ThaplaChaubatta Khal26657
ThaplaChaubatta Khal6216
Thapli MalliChaubatta Khal00
Thapli TalliChaubatta Khal12042
Thaur JaminChaubatta Khal00
ThungaChaubatta Khal9025
UbotChaubatta Khal20350
UchearChaubatta Khal00
Uda GaonChaubatta Khal20840
UntangiChaubatta Khal204
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Ghost Villages in Chaubatta Khal Tehsil

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