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Village Search - Lalkuan Tehsil, Nainital

Lalkuan Tehsil, Nainital District

As per 2011 census, Lalkuan tehsil is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of 50 villages in Lalkuan tehsil of Nainital.

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This list is based on 2011 Census. Some new tehsils might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other tehsils.


List of Villages in Lalkuan Tehsil

Village Administrative Division Population Households
Bachi NewarLalkuan21750
Bameta Bangar KheemaLalkuan1,050243
Bametabangar KeshavdattLalkuan1,169290
Bhagwanpur DurgadattLalkuan41280
Bhawan Singh NawarLalkuan44891
Bhawanipur HarisinghLalkuan23153
Bhawanipur KishanaLalkuan14626
Dumka Bangar Bachi DharmaLalkuan1,892432
Dumka Bangar UmapatiLalkuan561127
Durgapalpur MotiramLalkuan859185
Durgapalpur ParmaLalkuan950187
Ganga RampurLalkuan24151
Gangapur KabdwalLalkuan37980
Gaujajali DakhinLalkuan37970
Gola RangeLalkuan56,33111,000
Halduchaur DauliyaLalkuan1,564334
Halduchaur DevramLalkuan47295
Halduchaur DinaLalkuan1,402294
Halduchaur JaggiLalkuan709144
Halduchaur JairamLalkuan32765
Halduchaur ParmaLalkuan46394
Haldwani rangeLalkuan488104
Haripur BachiLalkuan25155
Haripur BhandeoLalkuan17036
Haripur KeshavdattLalkuan590125
Haripur LachhiLalkuan12325
Haripur MadansingLalkuan00
Himmatpur ChamwalLalkuan645149
Himmatpur MotahalduLalkuan42477
Inderpur GarwalLalkuan30058
Jaipur BisaLalkuan1,192223
Jaipur KhimaLalkuan47291
Jangi BangarLalkuan1,341291
Kishana NewarLalkuan13025
Kishanpur SarkuliyaLalkuan1,181241
Nathupur ChamwalLalkuan26547
Padampur DewaliyaLalkuan539105
Phatta BangarLalkuan848187
Radha Bangar GarwalLalkuan30658
Supi BhagwanpurLalkuan49799
Tanda RangeLalkuan1,284235
Tejpur NegiLalkuan21842
5 most populated Villages in Lalkuan Tehsil
5 least populated Villages in Lalkuan Tehsil

Note: Villages with "0" population are omitted from the list of least populated villages.

Ghost Villages in Lalkuan Tehsil

*Ghost Villages: Villages with "0" population.