Village Search - Narendra Nagar Tehsil, Tehri Garhwal

Narendra Nagar Tehsil, Tehri Garhwal District

As per 2011 census, Narendra Nagar tehsil is located in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of 257 villages in Narendra Nagar tehsil of Tehri Garhwal.

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This list is based on 2011 Census. Some new tehsils might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other tehsils.


List of Villages in Narendra Nagar Tehsil

Village Administrative Division Population Households
AdadaNarendra Nagar39690
AdaliNarendra Nagar00
AdaliNarendra Nagar7823
AdwaniNarendra Nagar29963
AgarNarendra Nagar610121
Amasari GaonNarendra Nagar28582
AmpataNarendra Nagar44089
AmsariNarendra Nagar4511
Andarfi GaonNarendra Nagar12432
AoniNarendra Nagar43283
ArsNarendra Nagar18131
AtaliNarendra Nagar44684
Atali TalliNarendra Nagar15536
Athli MalliNarendra Nagar10726
Badeda MallaNarendra Nagar5410
BadeerNarendra Nagar16130
Badera TallaNarendra Nagar29456
Bag SariNarendra Nagar16543
BagarNarendra Nagar308
BageedNarendra Nagar33048
Bairai GaonNarendra Nagar741143
BajawarNarendra Nagar4011
BakarwaliNarendra Nagar269
Baman GaonNarendra Nagar747150
BamankholaNarendra Nagar227
BanaliNarendra Nagar43477
Banali MalliNarendra Nagar9517
Banali TalliNarendra Nagar12024
BandhanNarendra Nagar6511
BandriyaNarendra Nagar4611
BanskatalNarendra Nagar782123
Bara ThaliNarendra Nagar6311
BarkoatNarendra Nagar22248
BasuiNarendra Nagar23754
BawaniNarendra Nagar1,093216
BemarNarendra Nagar367
Berani BariNarendra Nagar27976
Berani ChhotiNarendra Nagar11833
Bhadani KhuriNarendra Nagar46996
BhaigarkiNarendra Nagar36071
BhainsarkNarendra Nagar25945
BhairNarendra Nagar389
BhairgarhNarendra Nagar26636
BhaitanNarendra Nagar442115
BhaliNarendra Nagar14039
BhaliyalpaniNarendra Nagar5923
Bhandar GaonNarendra Nagar37577
BhangalaNarendra Nagar25355
Bharsoor GaonNarendra Nagar8818
Bhat GaonNarendra Nagar33562
BhatoliNarendra Nagar11319
BhatoliNarendra Nagar9924
BhausoNarendra Nagar9214
Bhekarki TalliNarendra Nagar25157
BhutaliNarendra Nagar14132
Biman GaonNarendra Nagar8824
BirogiNarendra Nagar34370
BugalaNarendra Nagar24150
Chald GaonNarendra Nagar18233
ChameliNarendra Nagar549119
ChamogiNarendra Nagar7423
Chamol GaonNarendra Nagar17740
ChaundaliNarendra Nagar247
ChaunpaNarendra Nagar24863
Chaur KhetNarendra Nagar12730
Chilogi TalliNarendra Nagar418
Chiriyali MalliNarendra Nagar23348
Chiriyali TalliNarendra Nagar8319
DadreliNarendra Nagar43388
DadwaNarendra Nagar12227
DagarNarendra Nagar31160
DandeliNarendra Nagar14535
DangooNarendra Nagar10018
Daur Mai KandaNarendra Nagar613120
DawaraNarendra Nagar16936
DewaliNarendra Nagar38876
DhaigalaNarendra Nagar3810
DharkotNarendra Nagar9019
DhouldharNarendra Nagar5311
DigwaliNarendra Nagar14533
Dobhal GaonNarendra Nagar4914
DuwakotiNarendra Nagar39595
Fafaruwan GaonNarendra Nagar11731
FalsariNarendra Nagar52896
FartNarendra Nagar28156
Gadil May GaharNarendra Nagar15039
GagalasiNarendra Nagar601126
GaindNarendra Nagar27159
GaindiNarendra Nagar23448
Gairogi SeraNarendra Nagar4810
Gangsar GaonNarendra Nagar12129
GaunsariNarendra Nagar1,337359
Ghar GaonNarendra Nagar27163
GhighudNarendra Nagar795137
GhorsadNarendra Nagar18243
Ghughtiyani TalliNarendra Nagar410100
Ghugtyani MalliNarendra Nagar6213
GotarsNarendra Nagar277
Gudan GaonNarendra Nagar396
Gumal GaonNarendra Nagar20757
Guriyali BariNarendra Nagar15435
Guriyali ChhotiNarendra Nagar9227
GwarNarendra Nagar16729
Hadi SeraNarendra Nagar36779
JakholiNarendra Nagar621132
JamariNarendra Nagar10630
Jamari KatalNarendra Nagar7114
JamolaNarendra Nagar35176
JanglethNarendra Nagar9418
JaycotNarendra Nagar684152
Jeman GaonNarendra Nagar8424
Kafol GaonNarendra Nagar15731
KakhilNarendra Nagar24351
KakhoorNarendra Nagar23250
KandakhetNarendra Nagar3410
Kandari GaonNarendra Nagar19936
Kandari GaonNarendra Nagar9124
KansurNarendra Nagar28770
KaphalnaNarendra Nagar00
KasmoliNarendra Nagar46881
KathoorNarendra Nagar30882
KatkotNarendra Nagar13828
KaudNarendra Nagar3112
KhakhoorNarendra Nagar28255
KhakkarNarendra Nagar11629
KhalunNarendra Nagar489
Khanana MayfanikaNarendra Nagar666161
KhandNarendra Nagar32795
Khandwal GaonNarendra Nagar18245
KharsaraNarendra Nagar594160
KharshNarendra Nagar30759
KhatiyarNarendra Nagar27758
KheragadNarendra Nagar30745
KholaNarendra Nagar8721
KiradaNarendra Nagar416104
Kirathwal GaonNarendra Nagar13934
KolNarendra Nagar13234
KotNarendra Nagar28274
KotarNarendra Nagar49273
Kothi Malli TalliNarendra Nagar21159
KotiNarendra Nagar29562
KoudiylaNarendra Nagar18941
KudarnaNarendra Nagar44385
KudiNarendra Nagar462102
KueeNarendra Nagar20134
Kukhai MalliNarendra Nagar7018
Kukhai TalliNarendra Nagar22554
KulpiNarendra Nagar32076
KumaliNarendra Nagar34574
Kund ChakNarendra Nagar00
KundcharNarendra Nagar00
KurungoliNarendra Nagar7820
KyaraNarendra Nagar827137
KyarkiNarendra Nagar26551
LamoliNarendra Nagar9522
LaserNarendra Nagar22461
LawaNarendra Nagar925214
LodashiNarendra Nagar780147
LwailNarendra Nagar919163
MadewaNarendra Nagar00
MaidharNarendra Nagar16752
MalasNarendra Nagar12428
Man GaonNarendra Nagar25054
MandaNarendra Nagar33397
Mandiyari GaonNarendra Nagar30269
ManjiyariNarendra Nagar816155
MansariNarendra Nagar00
MargaonNarendra Nagar00
MarodaNarendra Nagar10730
MathiyaliNarendra Nagar1,169223
MatiyalaNarendra Nagar7118
MatolaNarendra Nagar51
MaunNarendra Nagar716159
Mayan GaonNarendra Nagar11328
Mengwal GaonNarendra Nagar00
MindathNarendra Nagar1,297237
MulwaniNarendra Nagar538
MundalaNarendra Nagar43290
NaeeNarendra Nagar1,252226
Naee Laga MajhdheraNarendra Nagar16932
NaicholiNarendra Nagar15446
NailNarendra Nagar9526
Nala Kanchan PurNarendra Nagar12424
NasogiNarendra Nagar16941
NaultaNarendra Nagar7822
Naun ChakNarendra Nagar61
NaurNarendra Nagar30466
NeerNarendra Nagar47896
NigerNarendra Nagar30979
Nouga Magha TallaNarendra Nagar26769
Pajai GaonNarendra Nagar37862
PalamNarendra Nagar461106
PaliNarendra Nagar17048
Pali Kakar SariNarendra Nagar22546
Pali KolsariNarendra Nagar394107
PalkotNarendra Nagar19752
PalogiNarendra Nagar15345
Pasar May KyarkNarendra Nagar11324
PataNarendra Nagar12725
PaterNarendra Nagar467
PatesariNarendra Nagar6415
PathauNarendra Nagar25342
PawethNarendra Nagar11928
Payal GaonNarendra Nagar21045
Payal GaonNarendra Nagar19345
PendarsNarendra Nagar22687
PhipaltiNarendra Nagar13135
PildiNarendra Nagar40979
PipalethNarendra Nagar633139
PokhariNarendra Nagar7318
PokhkriNarendra Nagar9737
PungarhNarendra Nagar264
PurwalaNarendra Nagar44183
Ramol GaonNarendra Nagar387
RampurNarendra Nagar29475
RanakotNarendra Nagar985244
RaudeliNarendra Nagar16935
SainNarendra Nagar34368
SakalanaNarendra Nagar7515
SakanyaniNarendra Nagar8718
Salam KhetNarendra Nagar284
SaldogiNarendra Nagar35770
SarswadNarendra Nagar7415
SasamanNarendra Nagar607111
Semali KatalNarendra Nagar00
SeraNarendra Nagar327
ShivpuriNarendra Nagar32260
Shivpuri RangeNarendra Nagar19452
ShrikotNarendra Nagar20860
SilkaniNarendra Nagar40579
SingtaliNarendra Nagar23849
Siroli SeraNarendra Nagar7211
SondiNarendra Nagar7017
SoniNarendra Nagar35666
SonsiNarendra Nagar18642
SoudNarendra Nagar17550
SoundadiNarendra Nagar19947
Sountiyal GaonNarendra Nagar628161
SunarkotNarendra Nagar18549
SweerNarendra Nagar486102
SyudNarendra Nagar44384
TachhlaNarendra Nagar4713
TalaiNarendra Nagar20840
Talai LambadiNarendra Nagar9124
TapowanNarendra Nagar3,227677
TemiyarNarendra Nagar11623
ThanNarendra Nagar38884
ThanyulNarendra Nagar27569
Thapaliyal GaonNarendra Nagar16332
TimliNarendra Nagar1,671306
TipliNarendra Nagar25452
TipriNarendra Nagar18941
Udar KhetNarendra Nagar11523
UdkhandaNarendra Nagar4516
UkhelNarendra Nagar23654
VairolaNarendra Nagar729186
VidonNarendra Nagar25955
5 most populated Villages in Narendra Nagar Tehsil
5 least populated Villages in Narendra Nagar Tehsil

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Ghost Villages in Narendra Nagar Tehsil

*Ghost Villages: Villages with "0" population.