F-3(p-3) Village, Chamoli

F-3(p-3) village is located in Forest Cd Block Chamoli block and Chamoli tehsil of Chamoli district. The geographical area of F-3(p-3) village is 2067.5 heactares.

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Administrative details of F-3(p-3) village, Chamoli
Tehsil Chamoli
Block Forest Cd Block Chamoli
Gram Panchayat NA
District Chamoli
Nearest Statutory Town Nandprayag / 29kms
Area 2067.5 ha

Population Data of F-3(p-3) village, Chamoli District

F-3(p-3) village in Chamoli district has a total population of 0 comprising of 0 families that reside in F-3(p-3) village. The village has a male population of 0 and female population of 0. In F-3(p-3) village, the population of children within age group of 0-6 yrs is 0.

Children (0-6) yrs0
Children - Male0
Children - Female0
SC Population0
ST Population0

Terms Used
Sex Ratio: It is a ratio of number of females per 1000 male. Calculation (No. of Females/ No. of Males)x1000

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