Village Search - Vikas Nagar Tehsil, Dehradun

Vikas Nagar Tehsil, Dehradun District

As per 2011 census, Vikas Nagar tehsil is located in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of 141 villages in Vikas Nagar tehsil of Dehradun.

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This list is based on 2011 Census. Some new tehsils might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other tehsils.


List of Villages in Vikas Nagar Tehsil

Village Administrative Division Population Households
AamwalaVikas Nagar882158
AbdullapurVikas Nagar600107
AduwalaVikas Nagar2,224420
AmbariVikas Nagar2,292403
Ambari JungleVikas Nagar00
Ambari T.K JungleVikas Nagar959
AmbiwalaVikas Nagar1,456333
Anfield Jungle T.K. JangalVikas Nagar778136
AtakfarmVikas Nagar4,085838
Athan BaghVikas Nagar3,269686
BabugarhVikas Nagar3,035644
Badam WalaVikas Nagar5,0541,025
Bahadur GarhVikas Nagar11723
BairagiwalaVikas Nagar2,357444
Bakhtawarpur GrantVikas Nagar1,657341
BakranaVikas Nagar23636
BaluwalaVikas Nagar1,492288
BanshiwalaVikas Nagar650132
BaronwalaVikas Nagar576125
BarwaVikas Nagar1,273243
BavandharVikas Nagar59195
Bentwali MandiVikas Nagar9320
Bhagwanpur JuloVikas Nagar788174
BhalerVikas Nagar713110
BhanwalaVikas Nagar475108
BheemawalaVikas Nagar2,397478
BidhauliVikas Nagar899189
BinaspurVikas Nagar418
BirabariVikas Nagar12331
BirsaniVikas Nagar35272
BishanpurVikas Nagar00
Bulaki WalaVikas Nagar1,866350
ChaknugaonVikas Nagar00
Chaksaliya WalaVikas Nagar00
Chandpur KalaVikas Nagar22746
Chandpur KhurdVikas Nagar18344
ChaukiVikas Nagar53065
ChharbaVikas Nagar7,2681,425
Choharpur RangeVikas Nagar1010
DakpatharVikas Nagar9,8972,116
Danda JungleVikas Nagar20930
Dhakimay ChakVikas Nagar3,363612
Dhakrani(Dehat)Vikas Nagar12,7572,327
DhalaniVikas Nagar53599
DharmawalaVikas Nagar2,232420
Dhartawala KhalsaVikas Nagar00
DhaulasVikas Nagar1,052232
DhoomnagarVikas Nagar26539
Dhulkot MafiVikas Nagar747152
DhulkotkhalsaVikas Nagar22350
Dhummipur Gang MewaVikas Nagar12324
DonkwalaVikas Nagar11124
DudhaiVikas Nagar651128
DumetVikas Nagar3,774669
East HopetownVikas Nagar20,8404,194
FatehpurVikas Nagar3,221638
GhamauliVikas Nagar783147
Gujrara Karan PurVikas Nagar697158
Hariyawala KalanVikas Nagar17132
HarnaulVikas Nagar11930
HashanpurVikas Nagar2,000375
HorawalaVikas Nagar2,050412
IndripurVikas Nagar32461
JagatpurVikas Nagar837173
Jaman KhataVikas Nagar4,158815
Jamni PurVikas Nagar6,1261,249
JassowalaVikas Nagar2,894542
JatowalaVikas Nagar1,639334
JhajraVikas Nagar2,648584
Jhajra RangeVikas Nagar4715
KalyanpurVikas Nagar627115
KandhauliVikas Nagar2,606529
Kanswali KothariVikas Nagar1,772351
Karbari GrantVikas Nagar2,045445
KarimpurVikas Nagar26650
KatapattharVikas Nagar702137
KedarawalaVikas Nagar2,867520
KeshowalaVikas Nagar24250
KharakhetVikas Nagar18947
Khera PahuwaVikas Nagar1,176229
Khushal PurVikas Nagar3,963725
KolhupaniVikas Nagar1,618335
KotiVikas Nagar27053
Kotra KalyanpurVikas Nagar666149
Kotra SantaurVikas Nagar831170
Kulhan Matak MajriVikas Nagar2,042396
KunjaVikas Nagar2,364440
Kunja GrantVikas Nagar2,149390
KutubpurVikas Nagar8618
Lakhanwala KhashVikas Nagar747150
Lakhanwala NevatVikas Nagar1,767362
Lakshmi PurVikas Nagar2,702488
Langha RangeVikas Nagar1612
LanghafVikas Nagar1,802288
MadarsuVikas Nagar37359
MajhaunVikas Nagar17232
MajriVikas Nagar2,044368
Malhan RangeVikas Nagar30339
MalhangrantVikas Nagar540112
Mandi Gang MewaVikas Nagar19838
ManduwalaVikas Nagar1,387205
MatogiVikas Nagar38968
Mednipur BadripurVikas Nagar3,803713
Mehreka GaunVikas Nagar798153
Mehunwala KhalsaVikas Nagar3,844679
Mirzapur Urf DhalipurVikas Nagar3,218609
MisraspattiVikas Nagar833146
NadhVikas Nagar35668
NavgaonVikas Nagar655127
NawabgarhVikas Nagar6,7471,243
PapdiyanVikas Nagar756128
Parteetpur KalyanpurVikas Nagar1,393264
PastaVikas Nagar625105
PeerwalaVikas Nagar23045
PhulsaniVikas Nagar514118
PodwalaVikas Nagar31068
Polio NathuwalaVikas Nagar1,611317
PondhaVikas Nagar1,745375
PrithvipurVikas Nagar43081
Prithvipur JungleVikas Nagar11317
RajawalaVikas Nagar1,880406
Rampur BhauwalaVikas Nagar1,665345
Rampur KalaVikas Nagar4,397791
Rampur KhurdVikas Nagar19842
RamshahwalaVikas Nagar6912
RasulpurVikas Nagar7,0551,526
Rudra PurVikas Nagar2,136429
SabhawalaVikas Nagar4,872877
Sahas PurVikas Nagar8,8411,769
SaliyawalaVikas Nagar12627
Shahpur KalyanpurVikas Nagar2,546443
Shankerpur HakumatpurVikas Nagar8,3691,620
SherpurVikas Nagar3,900760
Shisham BaraVikas Nagar2,989523
SornaVikas Nagar2,116393
SudhauwalaVikas Nagar4,326733
TauliVikas Nagar1,881268
TilwariVikas Nagar726162
TimaliVikas Nagar2,725531
Timli RangeVikas Nagar901103
TiparpurVikas Nagar3,226672
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5 least populated Villages in Vikas Nagar Tehsil

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Ghost Villages in Vikas Nagar Tehsil

*Ghost Villages: Villages with "0" population.