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Hawal Bagh Block, Almora District

Hawal Bagh block is located in Almora district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of233 villages in Hawal Bagh community development block of Almora. The total population of Hawal Bagh block is 72,613 with male population of 35,323 and female population of 37,290. There are 15,787 households in Hawal Bagh block, Almora district.

A summary of each of the villages in Hawal Bagh block Almora district is provided below. Click on the village name to view the detailed demographic data of each village. Scroll down to see the list of villages in Hawal Bagh block.

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Population Stats - Hawal Bagh Block, Almora

ST Population412
SC Population19,956
Child (0-6 yrs)8,878

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Work & Employment Data of Hawal Bagh block, Almora District

Hawal Bagh Block has a total working population of 28,256 of which 18,297 are main workers and 9,959 are marginal workers. 7,739 people are engaged fulltime in farming or cultivation while 7,739 persons pursue farming for less than 6 months in a year.

Working Population28,256
Main Workers18,297
Main Cultivator7,739
Agri Labourers212
Marginal Workers9,959
Marginal Cultivators6,678
Non Working44,357
Non Working Males19,491
Non Working Females24,866

Terms Used
Main Workers: People who have worked for MORE than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Marginal Workers: People who have worked for LESS than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Main Cultivators: People who are the owner/co-owner of the land and engaged in cultivation.
Agri Labourers: Those who worked on other's land for wages.

List of Villages in Hawal Bagh Block, Almora

Below is the list of all villages in Hawal Bagh Block of Almora, Uttarakhand. Click on the name of any village below to see the detailed information about that village in Hawal Bagh Block.

Village Block Population Households
Adhar MuafiHawal Bagh6012
Adheli SunarHawal Bagh21248
Atdeli TiwariHawal Bagh334
Athar BariHawal Bagh32881
Bajainiya MuafiHawal Bagh51
BajgalHawal Bagh20648
BakhHawal Bagh41980
Bakh Madhye DamudharaHawal Bagh19040
BalamHawal Bagh10818
Balt BariHawal Bagh5613
BaltaHawal Bagh911183
BangsarHawal Bagh13026
BarseemiHawal Bagh21750
BarsimiHawal Bagh958152
BasarHawal Bagh53699
BasgaonHawal Bagh17740
Basoli MafiHawal Bagh122
Batgal BhattHawal Bagh40283
Batgal RoutelaHawal Bagh11527
BehHawal Bagh24157
BhagotiHawal Bagh295
BhaisoraHawal Bagh22
BhakarHawal Bagh15838
Bhakara DakHawal Bagh5413
BhalarHawal Bagh00
BhanarHawal Bagh12426
Bhanar GaonHawal Bagh24864
Bhat JyulaHawal Bagh19757
Bhatgar Hawal Bagh25244
BhelgarHawal Bagh11824
BhulyuraHawal Bagh26750
BimolaHawal Bagh703260
Bintola MallaHawal Bagh21548
Bintola TallaHawal Bagh10526
BiroraHawal Bagh39184
BisaraHawal Bagh20940
Budh KholaHawal Bagh265
ChampaHawal Bagh24651
ChanHawal Bagh26859
ChaunaHawal Bagh901190
ChausaliHawal Bagh671116
ChhanaHawal Bagh7415
ChhanaHawal Bagh17237
ChinonaHawal Bagh649137
Chitai PantHawal Bagh42485
Chitai TiwariHawal Bagh35474
Chular Musyoli Lagga PaparaHawal Bagh10421
DalHawal Bagh531112
Dangi KholaHawal Bagh37881
Darim KholaHawal Bagh33883
DarmarHawal Bagh8725
DeoliHawal Bagh760139
Deoli KhanHawal Bagh448103
DhailiHawal Bagh27959
DhamasHawal Bagh1,249279
Dhamuwa KanalaHawal Bagh337
DhariHawal Bagh39373
DharsimiHawal Bagh206
Dhatwal GaonHawal Bagh30363
DilkotHawal Bagh10019
DinapaniHawal Bagh00
DobaHawal Bagh38683
Dol PokhraHawal Bagh6615
Dugal KholaHawal Bagh1,928430
FalsimaHawal Bagh874201
FarkaHawal Bagh20944
Fatehpur BariHawal Bagh10421
GadholiHawal Bagh674141
GadhwaliHawal Bagh21349
GagilHawal Bagh15335
GaijoleHawal Bagh152
Gali Basyur Mai ChaktunkandeHawal Bagh740141
Gar Gunth Mala BhawanthapaliyaHawal Bagh554133
GarhteetHawal Bagh00
GhaneliHawal Bagh556106
Gharsun GunthHawal Bagh36869
Golna KarariyaHawal Bagh1,142273
GurnaHawal Bagh40193
Gwala KoteHawal Bagh438113
Hawal Bagh BajarHawal Bagh9521
Hawal Bagh FarmHawal Bagh7118
Hawal Bagh HarnalHawal Bagh12125
Hawal Bagh SahuHawal Bagh3813
Jakh Kathayat ChhanaHawal Bagh7220
Jhaser TanaHawal Bagh42884
Jol SwarHawal Bagh14925
JosyanaHawal Bagh8714
Jur KafunHawal Bagh559106
JyoliHawal Bagh23654
JyoliHawal Bagh588114
JyulaHawal Bagh31373
Kafal KotHawal Bagh21247
KafchaunHawal Bagh165
Kaini KholaHawal Bagh00
Kakrat MaufiHawal Bagh00
KalautiaHawal Bagh6213
KaletHawal Bagh358
KalimatiHawal Bagh6111
KalmatiyaHawal Bagh00
Kanal BungaHawal Bagh665154
KanawHawal Bagh9218
KaneliHawal Bagh23650
KasunHawal Bagh36083
Katarmal GunthHawal Bagh633157
KayalaHawal Bagh34663
KestaHawal Bagh34580
Khagmara KoteHawal Bagh643164
Khai KataHawal Bagh35566
KhaldharHawal Bagh00
KhanonHawal Bagh8116
KharkunaHawal Bagh9822
KhoriHawal Bagh42187
KhuntHawal Bagh532109
KotuliHawal Bagh29269
KucharHawal Bagh00
Kud GoliHawal Bagh20244
KujariHawal Bagh47077
KumanHawal Bagh16932
Kuneta GunthHawal Bagh274
KurchounHawal Bagh37692
KwairalaHawal Bagh38685
KwairaliHawal Bagh13132
Ladh PahalHawal Bagh274
LatHawal Bagh50597
Latwal GaonHawal Bagh10218
LaxmipurHawal Bagh7115
Line State FarmHawal Bagh14843
Mahat GaonHawal Bagh579140
MaichorHawal Bagh18447
MaigariHawal Bagh19253
MainiHawal Bagh11419
MaleraHawal Bagh9824
MallHawal Bagh2,627591
ManaunHawal Bagh614137
ManyoliHawal Bagh7017
MatHawal Bagh819163
MatelaHawal Bagh24047
MatelaHawal Bagh919196
MatenaHawal Bagh849195
MehlaHawal Bagh15939
MuradHawal Bagh00
Nai Khola Dula gaonHawal Bagh17538
NaikanaHawal Bagh00
Naini KumsyalHawal Bagh19037
NainoliHawal Bagh458100
NakotHawal Bagh24363
Nakuta MufiHawal Bagh15335
Narayan Tiwari DiwalHawal Bagh6415
NaugaonHawal Bagh14931
Naugaon GunthHawal Bagh2510
NaulaHawal Bagh693135
Nayal JyulaHawal Bagh26262
Nayal Lagga RailakotHawal Bagh449
PaisariHawal Bagh408
PakhuraHawal Bagh561135
Palari GarhHawal Bagh15630
Palarigar Lagga Chaura ChamariHawal Bagh7113
Panch GaonHawal Bagh28860
Pande Khola Karnatak KholaHawal Bagh513114
PankoteHawal Bagh30776
Papar SailiHawal Bagh226
PapoliHawal Bagh23350
PatalnaHawal Bagh72
Pathar KotHawal Bagh25065
PatoraHawal Bagh44090
PatriyaHawal Bagh15732
Petashal BariHawal Bagh367
PilkhaHawal Bagh593121
Pitharar Hawal Bagh318
PithoniHawal Bagh419100
PokhariHawal Bagh44786
Poth Free Sample StateHawal Bagh5116
RaigalHawal Bagh27340
RaikholiHawal Bagh14326
Raila KotHawal Bagh590114
Raila TyariHawal Bagh4711
RaisalHawal Bagh72
RamanaHawal Bagh14836
RankhilaHawal Bagh43280
RikhaiHawal Bagh25160
Rnlapali P.W.D. WorkshopHawal Bagh810179
RounHawal Bagh548102
SaikuraHawal Bagh28460
Sail GunthHawal Bagh1,109245
SainarHawal Bagh40583
SainjHawal Bagh17643
Sakania KoteHawal Bagh24255
SakarHawal Bagh29565
Salla RautelaHawal Bagh49390
SaranaHawal Bagh8717
Sariya PaniHawal Bagh176
Sarkar Ki AliHawal Bagh1,346288
SaroliHawal Bagh7217
SarsoHawal Bagh1,396310
SauleHawal Bagh00
Sayunara KoteHawal Bagh31875
SidhpurHawal Bagh22443
SilariHawal Bagh30067
SimaltaHawal Bagh10527
SimkukariHawal Bagh13033
SimtolaHawal Bagh00
SinduriHawal Bagh00
SirarHawal Bagh39284
Snobhyun EstateHawal Bagh174
Sunar KholaHawal Bagh6816
Sunola MallaHawal Bagh164
Sunola TallaHawal Bagh20946
Syahi Devi BagichHawal Bagh21143
Syahi Devi GunthHawal Bagh388
Syal TandaHawal Bagh00
SyaliHawal Bagh533109
SyunaHawal Bagh16037
SyuraHawal Bagh10721
TakoliHawal Bagh11430
TalarHawal Bagh634116
Talar BariHawal Bagh35261
TaniHawal Bagh5911
TatikHawal Bagh13535
ThapniyaHawal Bagh392105
ThatHawal Bagh3710
That BanglaHawal Bagh7218
TilouraHawal Bagh20249
Titar MuchiHawal Bagh11618
Tyari KhanHawal Bagh5011
Udal KoteHawal Bagh00
UdiyariHawal Bagh46483
UskunaHawal Bagh20549
VadlaHawal Bagh34877
VijepurHawal Bagh247
WadyuraHawal Bagh50989
WalsaHawal Bagh10524
Walsa khalsaHawal Bagh12129
Walsa TallaHawal Bagh9423

The data is based on 2011 Census. Some new blocks might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other blocks.

5 most populated Villages in Hawal Bagh Block
5 least populated Villages in Hawal Bagh Block

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Ghost Villages in Hawal Bagh Block

*Ghost Villages: Villages with "0" population.