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Dhaula Devi Block, Almora District

Dhaula Devi block is located in Almora district of Uttarakhand. There are a total of232 villages in Dhaula Devi community development block of Almora. The total population of Dhaula Devi block is 60,620 with male population of 28,291 and female population of 32,329. There are 12,732 households in Dhaula Devi block, Almora district.

A summary of each of the villages in Dhaula Devi block Almora district is provided below. Click on the village name to view the detailed demographic data of each village. Scroll down to see the list of villages in Dhaula Devi block.

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Population Stats - Dhaula Devi Block, Almora

ST Population19
SC Population17,372
Child (0-6 yrs)9,196

Work & Employment Data of Dhaula Devi block, Almora District

Dhaula Devi Block has a total working population of 30,389 of which 19,875 are main workers and 10,514 are marginal workers. 16,121 people are engaged fulltime in farming or cultivation while 16,121 persons pursue farming for less than 6 months in a year.

Working Population30,389
Main Workers19,875
Main Cultivator16,121
Agri Labourers282
Marginal Workers10,514
Marginal Cultivators9,176
Non Working30,231
Non Working Males14,554
Non Working Females15,677

Terms Used
Main Workers: People who have worked for MORE than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Marginal Workers: People who have worked for LESS than 6 months (183 days) in a year.
Main Cultivators: People who are the owner/co-owner of the land and engaged in cultivation.
Agri Labourers: Those who worked on other's land for wages.

List of Villages in Dhaula Devi Block, Almora

Below is the list of all villages in Dhaula Devi Block of Almora, Uttarakhand. Click on the name of any village below to see the detailed information about that village in Dhaula Devi Block.

Village Block Population Households
AmoghDhaula Devi124
AndoliDhaula Devi24962
Anoli May chakDhaula Devi35888
Ara SalparDhaula Devi1,128240
ArchaliDhaula Devi26058
ArtolaDhaula Devi5714
AtiDhaula Devi16235
Bag PaliDhaula Devi33463
BahatarDhaula Devi7017
BajelaDhaula Devi45571
Bali KhetDhaula Devi31866
BaliyaDhaula Devi7514
BalsunaDhaula Devi16836
Baman KandeyDhaula Devi13321
BamanswalDhaula Devi538112
Ban ThokeDhaula Devi23354
BarakunaDhaula Devi20645
Bari JogyuraDhaula Devi11415
Barth lekhDhaula Devi327
BartoliDhaula Devi32674
BasanDhaula Devi24351
BasoliDhaula Devi693157
BeenaDhaula Devi30562
BelakDhaula Devi51298
Bhagar TolaDhaula Devi30659
BhainaDhaula Devi16641
BhaisariDhaula Devi860186
BhanarDhaula Devi214
BhanoliDhaula Devi1,249288
Bhasori Lagga Sindhiya KhetDhaula Devi204
Bheta BaroliDhaula Devi27356
BhiloliDhaula Devi14030
Bini Khet TalliDhaula Devi31
Binikhet MalliDhaula Devi122
BirkolaDhaula Devi31968
BudhmanyaDhaula Devi9223
ChagethiDhaula Devi791163
Chak UdiyarDhaula Devi448
ChalthiDhaula Devi28656
Chalthi Lagga KhatyolaDhaula Devi15831
ChamiDhaula Devi1,098222
ChamtolaDhaula Devi574122
ChamuwaDhaula Devi23653
Chamuwa GunthDhaula Devi14234
Chap DolaDhaula Devi195
ChaparDhaula Devi13328
ChauletiDhaula Devi15937
Chauna BhanarDhaula Devi18335
ChauraDhaula Devi14732
ChausalaDhaula Devi745166
ChhanaDhaula Devi00
ChhantanaDhaula Devi11631
ChilDhaula Devi45790
ChimkholiDhaula Devi11528
ChitaulaDhaula Devi13727
Choun DungariDhaula Devi19954
DanyaDhaula Devi515111
Danya Lagga DhuraDhaula Devi6310
DaraunDhaula Devi7512
DarimkhetDhaula Devi477
DasiliDhaula Devi499110
Dasoli BadiyarDhaula Devi1,184246
DaulaDhaula Devi10521
DauligarhDhaula Devi41385
DewalsiriDhaula Devi26348
DhankanaDhaula Devi5011
DharDhaula Devi19527
Dhari May GunthDhaula Devi9319
DhasparDhaula Devi20444
DhuraDhaula Devi31566
DhyariDhaula Devi33595
Digari GunthDhaula Devi357
Diyar KholiDhaula Devi49183
Doram PaloliDhaula Devi38084
DunarDhaula Devi906163
DungraDhaula Devi1,634326
Dyotoli GunthDhaula Devi14132
FaltiyaDhaula Devi13624
FaltiyaDhaula Devi489104
FalyatDhaula Devi41988
Fara KholiDhaula Devi25156
Fulai Agethi GunthDhaula Devi336
Fulai JageshwarDhaula Devi39687
Gairar GunthDhaula Devi00
Gairar MallaDhaula Devi55198
Gairar TallaDhaula Devi40180
GaliDhaula Devi654114
GandhakDhaula Devi27961
GauliDhaula Devi1,140258
Gauli GhughutiDhaula Devi11332
GhatyuriDhaula Devi9621
Ghura lagga takDhaula Devi22150
GhurkunaDhaula Devi26552
GirchaulaDhaula Devi512107
Gothyura GunthDhaula Devi13729
Gudoli Lagga KotDhaula Devi438
Gudoli(Orhbaroli)Dhaula Devi15433
GujiachhanaDhaula Devi265
Gunadity GunthDhaula Devi31371
GururaDhaula Devi726166
Gwar MallaDhaula Devi13626
Gwar TallaDhaula Devi9221
JajarDhaula Devi28853
Jal BagriDhaula Devi5616
Jigoli Toli Dhaula Devi44597
KabhariDhaula Devi52191
KachhiyolaDhaula Devi23351
Kada GunthDhaula Devi30965
KafaliDhaula Devi927191
KafalniDhaula Devi519
Kakarlagga ChupraDhaula Devi376
Kali BeshaliDhaula Devi91
Kali PatliDhaula Devi143
KaloutaDhaula Devi469115
KanaDhaula Devi42590
Kana MaharkanaDhaula Devi15437
KanariDhaula Devi22339
Kanari GunthDhaula Devi44587
Kanda TallaDhaula Devi00
KandeyDhaula Devi21549
KaneriDhaula Devi11531
KanyaDhaula Devi6616
KapkoliDhaula Devi13728
KasermanyaDhaula Devi752144
Kedia madDhaula Devi14732
Khali GunthDhaula Devi5112
KhanyariDhaula Devi389
Khar KoliDhaula Devi8618
Khaspar maichakDhaula Devi20140
KhauriDhaula Devi50583
KhetiDhaula Devi29988
Kheti GaonDhaula Devi102
Kheti Lagga SiddiDhaula Devi23039
KhinaDhaula Devi426
KholaDhaula Devi1,180244
KhunaDhaula Devi11225
KimanaDhaula Devi307
KolaDhaula Devi24947
KoleDhaula Devi36778
KoteshwarDhaula Devi9821
KotilaDhaula Devi478
Kotmahar BindDhaula Devi6813
Kotuli GunthDhaula Devi42687
KotyuraDhaula Devi448
KudkoliDhaula Devi6010
Kuja GunthDhaula Devi18048
KujeliDhaula Devi12825
KumarDhaula Devi28256
Kuna PokhariDhaula Devi16540
Kwarali mayaDhaula Devi429114
KwiteDhaula Devi31365
Lachana GunthDhaula Devi9922
LadholiDhaula Devi40178
Lwtaladfora Dhaula Devi11323
MaduDhaula Devi18646
Mahra GaonDhaula Devi18843
MaichuneDhaula Devi23447
MajheraDhaula Devi10128
MakadauDhaula Devi22951
MalarDhaula Devi30660
ManiagarDhaula Devi787125
Mantola GunthDhaula Devi14026
MaramDhaula Devi39474
MatkanyaDhaula Devi42779
MayoliDhaula Devi21854
Mel GaonDhaula Devi24253
MelkandeDhaula Devi11724
MeltaDhaula Devi36768
MergaonDhaula Devi15336
MirtolaDhaula Devi21
MunoliDhaula Devi17435
NaikanaDhaula Devi20837
Naikana GunthDhaula Devi10925
Nail ParDhaula Devi492140
Naini KuloriDhaula Devi12319
NainoliDhaula Devi35076
NakotDhaula Devi571101
NaugaonDhaula Devi631142
NaulaDhaula Devi3210
Naya SirkotDhaula Devi28046
NayalDhaula Devi8015
NayalDhaula Devi15244
Nayal DhuraDhaula Devi21259
PabhounDhaula Devi789
PachelDhaula Devi10520
PakaunDhaula Devi8218
PaliDhaula Devi1,032202
PapgarhDhaula Devi16140
PapoliDhaula Devi594127
ParaiDhaula Devi19131
PataDhaula Devi217
PatgalyaDhaula Devi12333
Pathrola Nayabad GunthDhaula Devi17134
PokhariDhaula Devi621120
Pokhari GunthDhaula Devi5314
PunoliDhaula Devi268
PunoliDhaula Devi18145
RaiparDhaula Devi13426
RangoriDhaula Devi29156
RaulDhaula Devi42997
RikhariDhaula Devi446
Ritha KotDhaula Devi10222
RuwalDhaula Devi24653
SagarDhaula Devi23146
SananiDhaula Devi164
SelaDhaula Devi14141
SelakotDhaula Devi425111
SeliDhaula Devi17041
SetyuraDhaula Devi00
Sidhia KhetDhaula Devi11121
Silangi GunthDhaula Devi18045
Simana GunthDhaula Devi337
Sindhiya MallaDhaula Devi30656
SiraniDhaula Devi10322
Siraula GunthDhaula Devi30267
SirgaonDhaula Devi22447
Siroda GunthDhaula Devi319
SuknaDhaula Devi10027
SurangiDhaula Devi11224
SyuniDhaula Devi6312
TakoliDhaula Devi14739
TalarDhaula Devi15535
TalChaunaDhaula Devi12726
Tangura GunthDhaula Devi7423
TapriDhaula Devi8523
TarkotDhaula Devi33864
ThaliDhaula Devi44384
ThirolaDhaula Devi4011
ToliDhaula Devi37578
TulnaDhaula Devi365
Uncha BauragunthDhaula Devi00
Vara Baroli Dhaula Devi6413

The data is based on 2011 Census. Some new blocks might have been created or merged since then resulting in some of the villages to be rearranged in other blocks.

5 most populated Villages in Dhaula Devi Block
5 least populated Villages in Dhaula Devi Block

Note: Villages with "0" population are omitted from the list of least populated villages.

Ghost Villages in Dhaula Devi Block

*Ghost Villages: Villages with "0" population.